Friday, May 29, 2009

Beautiful endpapers

Endpapers are the pretty printed papers glued to the inside cover of (mostly) very old books. I'm going to use these endpapers for my labels. They are harder to find than you might think. We are lucky enough to have a old musty used bookstore (open only on Saturdays or when he feels so inclined ;-) that, if you dig long enough, you will unearth some real treasures.

I found these books over the weekend and am in love with the endpapers. What I also love are the titles and topics of some of these books. Here's a title for you..."Sophisms of Protection" I had no idea what a sophism was until I looked it up at Their definition: "1. a specious argument for displaying ingenuity in reasoning or for deceiving someone. 2. any false argument; fallacy." How intriguing.

Now, I have a friend that has a name for me that would be inappropriate to use here; suffice it to say that I LOVE words. Just say a few interesting words and I positively swoon. Crazy, I know...but that's just me. So, you can imagine how in love I am with the word "sophism" but really, what an interesting book...and such lovely endpapers!

There is also the "Diseases of the Nose and Throat" published in 1889...imagine the medical advances since then. Another one is titled "The Library of Historic Characters and Famous Events", published in 1897. This one is a gem in that it has very charming lithographs depicting scenes such as "Marie Antoinette led to Execution"...yikes.

I think that one of my favorite aspects of this little soap business of mine will be finding these old books, stashed in various corners of bookshops, waiting to be brought back to life.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

ooh, I can hardly wait...

My supplies are trickling in and the soapmaking bug has been biting all week. I'm currently mixing and blending scents for the following books:

My Antonia by Willa Cather - this will have a very Nebraska prairie feel to it, mixing soft florals like sunflower with gently swaying stalks of wheat.

Tess of the D'Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy - definitely a milk soap with a creamy milk scent with hints of lavender.

These are still in the "fragrance lab" melding together and they still need tweaking but these will probably be the first soaps to premier at my shop.

I'm also working on a secret scent, an idea that came to me one day as I was pondering over all the classic works of literature. One hint...a scent only a true book lover will appreciate ;-)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Welcome to Latherati Soap Foundry!

I am so thrilled to embark on this new venture...I can hardly contain myself. A bit about me:

I've been a soapmaker for 10 years but stopped selling soap about 4 years ago. The desire to make soap never relented and while I pursued other arts and crafts, I often wished to delve into my soapmaking supplies and make a big batch of handmade soap. Well, now is the time! This time, however, I'm putting a new twist on it with combining my love of soapmaking with my passion for books.

I have an ardent love of books and am often inspired by the feel I get from a book's setting and ambience. To be able to translate that into a scent is a wonderful affair for me.

I look forward to offering you the best in butters, soothing oils, fragrant scents...and a lust for books and all that good literature can bring.