Sunday, June 21, 2009

An Award for Latherati + Happy Father's Day

The Latherati blog was given an award by Pink Lily Creations, a sweet etsy shop that sells darling baby items like pacifier clips, baby mitts and diaper pins. Thank you, thank you...I am honored to receive this award :-) You can find the Pink Lily Creations blog here
I'm passing this award along to the following blogs:
1. Dinner with Picasso
2. Eva's House
3. Andrew's Reclaimed
4. Cabin + Cub
5. Kind over Matter
6. Pretty {much} Art
7. Jellybeans
8. Susan's Greetings
9. Moondoggie
10. The Peppermint Forest
11. 10 One World
12. Bohemian Butterfly
13. Favoleggiare
14. Random Lunacy
15. The Craft Begins

Big hugs go out to all the amazing fathers out there! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY


  1. Oh hai, thanks so much!!

    (from thecraftbegins but can't seem to login to say that)

  2. Thanks so much for passing it along, that's so sweet! ;)