Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Busy day yesterday...

Yesterday was very productive. Here are some pics of my "Tess of the D'Urbervilles" by Thomas Hardy soap freshly poured and then out of the mold. You may notice the orange speckles. I think what happened was my goats milk burned. Milk soap is tricky. I freeze my milk until it's slushy and then slowly add the lye, all while it's sitting in an ice bath. This usually does the trick to keep temps down but for whatever reason, this was not enough. The spots don't harm the soap but I'm left wondering what I should do with this batch. I'll leave it to cure and see what happens. It may be going out to family and friends only. They are my guinea pigs and are always happy to get free soap from me :-) The scent is wonderful though...a blend of creamed butter, fresh milk and a touch of lavender...heaven!

I thought you might like to see my little "blending shelf". My method is probably not the most accurate nor professional but it works for me. What I do is dip a Q-tip into each fragrance oil I plan on using in the blend, starting with 1 "part" of each. These go into a glass amber bottle with a sticky note noting the book and the ratios. I add more "parts" as I see (smell!) fit until it is absolutely perfect. Then I make up the blend and let it meld for a few days. Ta-da!

I also did some lip balm testing yesterday and am very happy with the results. I tend to like a waxier feel to my lip balm as opposed to a slippy glide. It stays put on the lips better. I don't know how others feel about that so if you have an opinion, please share. I may up the mango butter just a tad. Check out the cool filling tray. This helps tremendously and is much less messy than my previous method (wrapping a rubber band around a bunch of tubes). They just need to be cleaned up on their tops and labeled. I'm still working on labels. Labeling can be challenging, especially with my limited knowledge. I make all my labels in MS Word. One of these days, I'll learn a label program but for now, I'll just keep tinkering away on Word.

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  1. oh how i love thee cured soaps