Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Book Review

The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd
A poignant story about Lily Owens, a girl coming into her own while dealing with an abusive father and vague & disturbing memories of her deceased mother. The adventure begins when Lily's African American caretaker, Rosaleen tries to register to vote, a newly earned freedom from The Civil Rights Act. Set in the 1960's, prejudice is still strong and a violent incident sets the stage for a quick getaway.

Lily and Rosaleen run away to Tiburon, South Carolina, in search of clues that will help Lily learn more about what happened to her mother. They find their way to a bee farm and meet the "calendar sisters", May, June and August Boatwright, perveyors of Black Madonna Honey. They are welcomed into the sisters' lives and soon find purpose and meaning working on the farm. Learning the truth about her mother, Lily puts a painful past to rest and can finally see a future of hope and acceptance.

This heartwarming story is about hope and the strength & struggles of women and overcoming negative life events. Bravo!
Queen Bee soap


  1. Loved the book, cried through it and the movie, too.

  2. i need to read more...stay busy.and interested in things more.

  3. i heard this was an amazing book! i'll have to check it out!