Tuesday, June 2, 2009

In the mold...Queen Bee

The Queen Bee is in the mold! This delightful honey soap was inspired by The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. Now, I'll admit, this probably isn't considered a classic (yet!) but it's a book I love and it was one soap that was to be a single note fragrance (honey!).

So, while my other fragrances are in the lab, melding and blending into that perfect scent, I thought I'd make my honey soap. Real, rich, moisturizing honey blended into my base recipe of olive, coconut, palm, rice bran and castor oils, along with creamy shea butter; scented with the best honey fragrance around, bringing a warm, sweet scent, this bar will surely make your skin feel luxurious (just like Cleopatra who is reported to have taken milk and honey baths)

The photos show the basics of soapmaking. Pic 1: the lye/water being added to melted oils; Pic 2: the soap mixture at trace; Pic 3: in the mold!; Pic 4: specific to my honey soap, I add a layer of bubble wrap on top to give it a honeycomb texture (I found this tip on the web at various soaping sites - thanks to those who posted it!)

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