Monday, June 8, 2009

Lovely weekend...good finds

I always look forward to Spring, not only because central NY weather is gorgeous...mild, sunny and everything "greens" up after the drab colors of winter...but because it also means the kick off of weekend garage sales. I hit a few this weekend and scored some treasured old childrens books with, you guessed it...very pretty end papers. YAY!

I'm a big fan of G.A. Henty books and I picked up "Through the Fray", a tale of the Luddite Riots. Henty books are adventure stories, usually revolving around a boy during tumultuous times. The stories are historically accurate so it makes for a great history lesson. They might be compared to the "Dear America" series of today (although these typically have girl characters)

My other score was "Pleasant Hours for Home and School", published 1888, which includes "dialogues, pantomimes, mock trials, tableaux, charades, illustrated ballads and Memorial Day exercise". I get so giddy over descriptions like this :-)

No soapmaking over the weekend as I spent the better part of it in Canandaigua for a friends birthday party. We started off with a glass of Riesling and yummy appetizers while enjoying the view and breeze off the Canandaigua Lake. We then moved to an authentic Mexican restaurant/bar for more wine and our beloved 80's music as a nod to our impending 40th birthdays coming up within the next couple of years.

So, what do you think of the pics I took for my etsy shop? I knew I wanted old books as the background so I set them up, then placed the bars of soap on them and took a few shots. I think I'll also take a few pics of the soap in their packaging as I've come up with two different packaging ideas and I think they both work well.


  1. I love the pictures! The soap you have curing now looks divine!

  2. Thank you so much! They'll be in my etsy shop in about a month :-)