Friday, June 5, 2009

On the curing rack and In the mold...

Queen Bee is unmolded and cut; curing nicely. Smells divine...warm and cozy. I love the texture of the top.

I made my Pride & Prejudice soap yesterday. Here it is in the mold. I made it a layered soap of white and creamy yellow with a slight swirl. Scented with a delicate blend of honeysuckle and lemon with hints of musk, mandarin and a touch of cedarwood and leafy green notes. I also sprinkled calendula petals on top for a little added interest and texture. Lovely, isn't it? Now, I just need a name for it. Lizzy perhaps?

No soap making for me today. A friend of mine and I are heading out to another friends birthday party. We'll be tenting it in her backyard, complete with bonfire and s'mores. What could be better?

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