Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I did it! I perfected my sugar scrub recipe and ooohhh, let me tell you, it is divine! A fluffy, light as air, whipped blend of shea butter and nourishing oils, sugar and scent...it's heaven in a jar.

This pic shows the scrub (scented with chocolate) in a 6 oz. jar that will be available soon in the etsy shop, a 3 oz. jar for my soon-to-be-offered bride's maid baskets (or gift baskets in general) and a 1.5 oz. jar for the B&B's.

Today, I also made the Beguile lip balm, an alluring blend of lavender & spearmint. I'll be working on the labels for these products and more today and hope to get them listed tomorrow.

On a side note, I wanted to show you a pic of my "deck". Prior to sending my kids to school this coming September, we were a homeschooling family. My son loves to play Yu-Gi-Oh but decided to make his own cards. This brought a variety of skills into "play". Designing the cards, drawing, writing, cutting, addition & subtraction. Now that's what I call fun learning.

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