Saturday, July 25, 2009

I've got a Golden Ticket

Yes, I do! I made scrumdidilyumptious chocolate soap, inspired by {what else?} Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl.

Rich, chocolate smelling cocoa butter and chocolate fragrance oil almost makes me want to drool. A little sprinkling of cocoa powder on top and we are set for a cocoa-licious time ;-) {note: due to the fragrance oil in this soap, the bars will eventually turn a dark rich brown, just like a chocolate bar...mmmm}

This is the second batch of soap inspired by a children's book and you remember what that means? My 11 year old daughter/apprentice helped with this one. She'll also help design the label and packaging.


  1. When will these be available? I want to buy one!

  2. one month, ponder, so around 24 August. I'll also have a chocolate lip balm and probably by then, I'll have perfected my sugar scrub recipe and a chocolate scrub would be divine :-)

  3. How fun! Can you imagine going around smelling good enough to eat? You are a very creative soap maker!

  4. Thanks Julie! I'm just happy whenever I walk by my rack of curing soaps and take in all the scents blending. Heaven :-)