Sunday, July 5, 2009

Strawberries & Carousels & Rats, oh my

A few visuals of our spare time hobbies...

the fruits of our labor...yummy strawberries

my little man (and me) riding on a restored 1909 carousel

Lucy & Luna hangin' in the apple tree

On a Latherati note...I'm working on a new sugar scrub (lots of rich, skin-loving oils, soothing butters...mmm), a body oil spray (a light moisturizing oil) and a roll-on perfume (convenient roller ball bottle with your favorite Latherati scent). They are going to be divine!


  1. You have pet rats? Ok.
    I purchased some sugar scrubs from a friend. Had never used them before. They are really nice. Look forward to seeing new items in your shop!!

  2. They are my daughter's rats (she is obsessed with animals); however, I love them. I just never expected to get attached to rats but they are so sweet and loving...very social :-)