Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fabulous Finds...

Now that Christmas is over and the recipients have opened their gifts, I can brag about them here without worry that they will read it ;-)

I try either to make all our Christmas gifts or buy them handmade. This year, three great finds were from etsy...I could have done so much more damage but I restrained myself.

Bliss candles, 2 pack in a holiday box. I ordered spearmint/eucalyptus and white tea & ginger. Both were fabulous and very professionally labeled. I love the rustic lids. My sister-in-law was impressed.
Brainscan organic fair trade coffee, Small World Blend...this smelled divine but I have yet to be invited to my friends house for a cup of java...hmmm, he may just be keeping this all to himself!

Arm warmers from Bows by Jess for my 12 year old daughter. These were originally designed as baby leg warmers but they can also be used as arm warmers. My daughter loved them. She has her own style and was excited knowing she'll be the only one is school with these!

A big thanks to all the fabulous etsy sellers...what would I do without you!

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