Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Quit my Day Job !!!

No, not because I made a gazillion sales on etsy so don't try to find my QYDJ feature, it's not there...yet ;-). This is more out of necessity, a blessing in disguise if you will.

The story: When my husband and I decided to split up, I panicked and got a job, ASAP. Gone were my days of homeschooling my children, running my business and keeping house. Things changed overnight. But it felt good. It was a change and a challenge and I was up for it. Ahh, how we try to convince ourselves that making choices out of desperation are good. Not.

My family suffered, my business suffered, I suffered. I was drowning.

Then, my 82 year old mother recently came down with pneumonia, then needed angioplasty. Spending time with her and reflecting on my current life, I realized I wasn't happy with the direction of my life. We came up with a solution. Quit my job, take care of her and devote more time to my business...a lot more time.

my darling, silly mother

We also decided to bring back Bee's Vintage, an etsy shop I had prior to going back to work. Oh, how I missed Bee's Vintage. I'm excited to get the shop up and running again.

Excited but terrified! I know that I will work longer, harder hours to run both businesses than I ever did at the law firm, but it's something I love, something I'm passionate about. And I will have the flexibility to devote more time to my family.

my old view: sad, bare gray cubicle walls

my new view: stunning snow-covered trees

So, that's my big news. Times, they are a changin'....for the better. It's funny how you think you are going down one path, only to come up against a hurdle and find yourself going another direction. Life is full of surprises and that's what makes :-)

On a business note: Latherati was featured in two treasuries this week. Yay! Check them out here and here.


  1. Congratulations! I truly believe everything happens for a reason - you're going to be GREAT! Many blessings!

  2. Change, any time, no matter what is always a bit difficult, but it takes a lot of courage to do so. I wish you the best of luck!