Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Unbearable Lightness of thoughts

I finished the January Challenge winning book...The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Thought-provoking to say the least! Here are my thoughts on this philosophical gem of a read:

Set in Czechoslovakia in the 1960’s, this is a story that revolves mostly around Tomas, a physician who is torn between his love for Teresa and his love for philandering. It’s the story of living without weight or substance. It makes you think about how insignificant your life really is. Since you only have one life, do the choices you make and can never make again, really matter…are they significant in any way? Like the authors’ saying “einmal ist keinmal” or one time equals no time…is it better to have not happened at all?

Is it weakness or strength that bonds Tomas and Teresa? Tomas leans toward living a “light” life, having one affair after another while Teresa leans toward living a “heavy” life, suffering Tomas’ infidelities…it sinks her, depresses her. Is life heavy because of the burdens and responsibilities or is it light because really, how much of a mark can one person leave?

This is definitely a book that I could read again and gain more insight into the authors’ meaning and intention.

My rating: 5 stars *****

Now, for the scent!.... I think this needs to start with some heavy notes of musk, maybe pepper and a touch of wood, followed by perhaps milk or honey with light top notes of orange blossom and a touch of jasmine. My blending test starts today!

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