Friday, January 8, 2010

We have a WINNER !!!

The winner of the first Latherati Challenge of the year is...(drum roll please)....Heather.

She convinced me to read The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera. Here's the bit from her comment that really intrigued me:

"'ll find yourself having strange emotions, the kind that are difficult to identify. In the end you will understand the title, and I would bet that you'll never again forget it or the strange feeling or understanding it instills--the unbearable lightness of being."

Now, who isn't up for a few strange feelings to kick off the new year???"

Oooh, a spontaneous gesture of generosity just hit me! (and I'm always looking for ways to stockpile some good karma) I think it's only fair that the other 14 people rooting for this book should receive a little, I will send each of you a surprise package ;-)
(I'll email all of you shortly for your addresses)

**EDIT: I have no email address for katidyd, crachford, now, Voyager and jen - send me an email at with your address!**

Oh, and I wanted to tell you my favorite part of this challenge...I was excited to see all of you get inspired to pick up those abandoned books on your own bookshelves. If I could do one thing in this lifetime, it would be to give everyone the gift of love for literature.

Thank you all for playing and feel free to read along with me.


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  2. morgaine24 said...

    thank you so much I saw your email and it made my day a lot brighter.I spent all day in the hospital all day yesterday having tests run so this is definitely a bright point. thank you


  3. i will be after i figure out my diagnosis they took a biopsy sample so i should know sometimes next week

  4. Well, keep me posted. I wish you all the best :-)