Friday, February 12, 2010

Ethereal is curing...

Ethereal came out exactly as I'd hoped. This always makes me happy. The scent is light and airy but with a bit of depth, a nice balance of lightness and heaviness. Stunning. Will be ready in 4 weeks :-)

Also, a new soap is brewing in the Latherati studio...the February Challenge winner, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. I read it in two is the kind of book you can't put down. The style and structure of Ms. Bronte's writing is, I believe, way ahead of her time...a tragic, romantic tale told to us by the housekeeper, Nelly Dean, after the fact, so all is based on her recollections, going from past to present and back again. I loved the book and would recommend it to anyone. It's a shame Ms. Bronte did not live to make more remarkable books like Wuthering Heights.

Now, I could use your help in picking a name for the Wuthering Heights-inspired soap. It'll be a dark scent, something smoky perhaps with green notes and a touch of blackberry. I'm leaning towards something like:

* Vengeance
* Obsession

Something along those lines. Any ideas?


  1. I definitely like Avarice or Obsession the best. This scent sounds intriguing...

  2. Thanks Julia. I am leaning toward Avarice :-) Have you read the book?

  3. What about a french word? Like chaleureux which means Definition: (adj) - warm, hearty?

  4. ooh, Becky, never considered foreign words! Off to find a translation dictionary. Thanks :-) and I will consider chaleureux, although my take on Wuthering Heights was anything but warm and hearty, more like tragic and sad.