Friday, May 7, 2010


It's Friday and I'm looking forward to the weekend. My son's 7th birthday party is tomorrow and that means more Bionicles, Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Legos and Bakugan toys. Typical boy :-)

Latherati's first craft show, the MayDay Underground in Rochester, NY, was a success. I had such a great time meeting so many talented crafters & artists. Here is my booth. The venue was awesome...the basement of an old warehouse.

The checkout table with my new knucklebuster

I finally made my Alice in Wonderland soap. It'll be ready in 4 weeks. The top color wasn't exactly what I was going for. I wanted more of an orange color but I think this works. I named it Curiouser...from Alice's quote "Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice.

Curiouser - sweet orange marmalade, white cake, tea and a smidge of black pepper.

This week I'll be making more dry oil body sprays. I love the feel of this oil. It's light, non-greasy and lightly scented. Try spraying it on right after your shower prior to drying off. With the hot weather coming, you can also keep it in the fridge so when those dog days of summer have you wishing for a cool down, a few sprays should do the trick.


  1. Sounds wonderful! I'm now a follower! Great blog!

  2. I LOVE the look of your soaps and the whole book idea behind them. I've been plotting an order for so long now but I always run out of "soap money". I guess I'll add Latherati to the already endless list of "what to buy" when I stay in the US this summer. :)

  3. 灰心是動搖的開端,動搖是失敗的近鄰。 ..................................................

  4. This sounds wonderful! I just discovered your etsy shop and can't wait to make my first order... I may hold of at least a little bit though since it looks like you have some wonderful things curing! I am a fellow bibliophile and I LOVE the idea of having perfumes and soaps that are tied in to my favorite books! I am now following your blog so I won;t miss any of your new goodies and adventures.

  5. Thanks all for the super sweet comments :-)