Monday, August 9, 2010

ARTfest at the MOTE

One side of my booth. The more shows I do, the more I perfect my booth.
I was happy with this display :-)

Beautiful weather, amazing artists, fantastic food and live music...that is a perfect day to me.
The ARTfest at the Museum of the Earth (MOTE) in Ithaca, NY yesterday was just that. Aside from my tent almost blowing away and my lip lusters being on the verge of a meltdown, it was truly a great day.

The Jane Austen Collection

talented musicians


I loved my neighbors. Brother and sister team, Deb and Joe of First Step Designs Glass Studio were so helpful to me with my tent and lugging my 50 lb. tent weights, I couldn't help but enjoy their company. I also picked up a piece of stained glass for me as well as one for my friend who is crazy for stained glass.

Their display was fantastic!

A leaf for me ;-)

A celtic knot/trinity for my best friend


A few of my other favorite artists:

found - beautiful mixed media art...lots of birds, I really like birds :-)

our secret treehouse - cute, simple designs on tees, cards, pins and more

One Swell Gal - gorgeous handbags made with really luscious fabrics


My studio is always in chaos after a show so today will be spent setting things right and restocking items that sold at the show.


  1. It looks great! Glad to hear you got some good sales :)

  2. Thanks Beth, It was a fun show and I love an excuse to go to Ithaca :-)

  3. oh goodness! i was just looking you up because i just realized that i had missed you at artfest (first show, too petrified to leave the booth) and i find such a wonderful comment on us. thanks so much!!! you just made my day!