Sunday, August 15, 2010

Discontinued "BOOKS" & Random Pics

A number of "books" will be discontinued to make room for new ones. Check out the SALE section at Latherati to snag the last of your favorites before they are gone forever.

Classic - cracked leather bindings, rich vanilla and a touch of eucalyptus
Golden Ticket - a rich, heavenly chocolate
Orchard - Crisp Fall apples with notes of almond, cinnamon, vanilla and subtle floral touches, blended with the salty air of the Maine coast
Wishing - A blend of rich vanilla, spicy cinnamon and a hint of magic.

While I still have the fragrance oil blends left, I will continue to make the roll-on perfumes and Dry Oil Body Sprays but no new batches of soap or lotion will be made.


A little spontaneous travel was had yesterday and a few snapshots were taken with my phone. Thought you might enjoy. I LOVE impromptu road trips :-)

I have a thing for lone, dead trees. This was perfect.

I also like clouds :-)
How could I resist this old Ivory Soap ad??

The Paddock Arcade - one of the oldest covered malls in America, built in 1850

chicken scratch art on our coffee shop table

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