Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Delicious Autumn! soaps made and a new cream

Finally, I've made both batches of the winning Delicious Autumn! books.

Secrets ~ inspired by The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield ~ a blend of jasmine, orange blossom, ginger, lemon and rich, hot cocoa. The florals hit you first, followed by smooth, hot chocolate and tangy ginger and lemon.

Sugar Bones ~ inspired by The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury ~ carved pumpkins, candy corn, sweet, smoky tobacco, Autumn woods, moss, a twist of lemon and vetiver

Also in the works is a new cream, just in time for winter-dry skin. This cream is heavier than my lotion and comes in a 4 oz. jar. Loaded with creamy shea butter and heavier oils like olive and avocado oils blended with jojoba oil and a bit of cyclomethicone to cut down the greasiness factor.

I'm looking for a few testers to get a real opinion of this cream. The first five people to send me their address ( will receive a FREE full size jar of cream in Sinister to test. I only ask that you give me your honest opinion. I'd like to have this perfected in a couple of weeks.

On a last note, the Christmas season is fast approaching and you know what that means? A new Latherati Challenge! I'm hoping to post it next week so keep your eyes peeled for an opportunity to let me know your favorite Christmas-themed books. If I choose yours, you'll receive Latherati goodies inspired by that book!


  1. I just sent you an email!!! Hoping I am one of the first 5, I would love to sample the cream!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Oh your new soaps look wonderful and I've sent you my address to test the new cream too but have no idea how many people have already emailed you.

  3. I am in love with your soap and your whole company concept (I'm an avid reader myself). Beautiful!!