Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'll Be Yours for Christmas by Samantha Hunter

Latherati promos for "I'll be Yours for Christmas"

A new project that's been kept under wraps here at Latherati...Latherati Promos - custom scented promo size Latherati products for writers and their new book releases! I'm very excited about this project.
full-size bars of handmade soap

The promos for "I'll be Yours for Christmas" by Samantha Hunter were especially rewarding to make as Sam is a personal friend (well, ok, we have yet to meet in person but I can just tell via our online friendship that she is my type of gal :-). Sam writes for Harlequin Blaze and this steamy story takes place in Ithaca, New York, home to many great vineyards and wineries. The main character, Abby, owns a winery and her hero, Reese, is back in town recuperating after an accident. You'll have to get the book to read more about their seductive and impassioned romance!
10 gram promo size solid perfumes

The scent for "I'll be Yours for Christmas" starts off with a soft red wine followed by woods & pine trees, rounded out by subtle holiday spices. I used red and green layers for a festive feel and couldn't be happier with the result. Stay up to date with Sam's work at

.5 oz. promo size handmade soap


  1. What a gorgeous idea! Now I really need to get published so I can order some too. :-)

  2. Would love to make some promos for you Robyn! Do you have a site or blog I can check out?

    Sam, thanks :-) I had a great time making your promos!

  3. What a very clever title! Sounds so tempting and sexy!