Monday, October 18, 2010

The Perfect Body Cream

Latherati Body Cream

My test batch of body cream went out to testers and the reviews are in. While the majority of testers liked the formula just the way it was, a couple of them thought it was a bit too greasy. I tend to agree. So, after a bit of tweaking, I believe I have hit upon the perfect body cream formula!

A bit heavier than my body lotion, this cream is perfect for winter-dry skin or just those rough spots, like elbows and knees. It is chock full of rich mango and shea butters, along with moisturizing avocado oil, jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil and glycerin. It is so rich and creamy and absorbs quickly into your skin.

Not only do I love the result, I luxuriate in the entire process of making cream. It borders on true meditation. I put on the new Adele cd and get to work...a little dancing happens with the song "Tired" and some pondering goes on in my head with the song "Make you feel my Love", a song written by Bob Dylan and my new favorite.

Every thing seems right in the world when I work and when products like this come together in the most perfect way, I am at peace. I won't mention the times when I've spattered raw soap in my eye (I know, safety goggles!) or colors are off or fragrance blends have to go back to the drawing board...but such is life. I believe we learn more from our mistakes than our successes.

But I digress...

The first few batches of cream were packaged in clear 4 oz. jars with black lids but I switched over to the amber jars with silver lids. I think it fits the "Latherati" aesthetic better :-)

I'll be listing the new body cream throughout the week at a Promo price of $6.00 per 4 oz. jar. They will retail for $8.00 after October 31. Grab 'em now for the holidays and I'll be throwing in a coupon for Latherati savings in November!


  1. Nice post - I also prefer your amber jars with silver lids... and agree about learning from our mistakes. xo Jen

  2. Thanks Jen, I'm glad you agree about the jars. Packaging can be tough sometimes ;-)