Monday, October 25, 2010

Salt City Market Pics & Review

Had an awesome time at the Salt City Market in Syracuse, NY! Saw some familiar faces and met some new ones. The talent was beyond amazing. Plus, local musicians set the tone with a cool indie vibe and local food stuff was on hand when my stomach started growling. My daughter is working on the video and I'll post that later this week. For now, here are pics - most are clickable so be sure to check out these fantastic artists. Enjoy :-)

KassondraAmada by Kassy Shoemaker

I traded some lip balm for one of these cool zipper bracelets!

Amy Fancher – Viva Sweet Love

Second Seed by Nancy Topolski

Vicki Hartman Ceramics

Round Rabbit by Nancy Schindler

INK+WIT by Tara Hogan

Luckalilly Ceramic Studios by Caroline Hayward

My friend, Marisa Krol (on the right) and her partner in crime,
Sharon Jeter - Inter-Stellar Love Craft

a very cool Salt City logo done in duct tape!

This guy rocks a mean harmonica


  1. Awesome. I wish I lived somewhere, where cool markets like that happened.

  2. wow thanks for all the great links, that market looks amazing