Friday, November 5, 2010

Getting ready for MayDay

It's MayDay time again :-) Tomorrow is the second MayDay Underground show in Rochester, NY. So, today will be spent on some last minute re-stocking (why do I always wait 'til the last minute??) and packing up the truck. There will be a luau theme and I'm wondering if it's too cold for a grass skirt and coconut bra...uh, yea, probably. What am I saying? Even if it were 100 degrees, you wouldn't find me donned in such a get-up!

Wanted to share a couple of finds with you. I'm addicted to buying old, unusual books and you can often find me scanning the bookshelves at any thrift store I happen to find. A word to the wise...if we are ever on a road trip and I spot a thrift store, grab the dashboard and hold on for dear life because I WILL be stopping :-)

A Textbook of Filing, 1920 & The Secretary's Handbook, 1929

How copies used to be made

a Visible Index

If you ever have the need to reserve a spot on a steamship...

...or address a Baroness :-)

In Latherati product news, I'm working on some gift sets, most notably some Jane Austen sets. I'll have a box-set of all six fragrances...working on the labels today. Also, some baskets filled with soap, lotion, etc. They'll be perfect for gift-giving.


  1. Oooh! Come let me know when you get the Jane Austen stuff up! AWESOME idea! Literary soaps...(giggle)