Thursday, December 16, 2010


The Latherati Booth at Bust

I spent last weekend selling Latherati goodies at the Bust Magazine Craftacular. What a wonderful experience. Not only did my trusty friend, Lori, and I take in the sights and eat our way through the city on Saturday, we were among the most talented of artists/crafters I've ever seen on Sunday.

a book quote (of course!) at the New York City Library

Lori is one of those friends who can find humor in getting lost in NYC by my following all the pretty twinkle lights (away from our destination), empathy for aching, blistered feet and a cheerful reminder that good friends are as rare as they come. She is one of those and I can never thank her enough for a fantastic weekend.

me and Amy Sedaris

One highlight of the show was meeting Amy Sedaris who was there signing her book, Simple Times, Crafts for Poor People. If you haven't read it, you should, as you will find yourself laughing out loud with her quick wit and snarky language. Of course, I couldn't read her book and NOT make a fragrance inspired by it! I presented her with a little gift of "Twinkles" at the show which had an uncommonly crazy blend of 15 different notes. Did she like it? I don't know but it's her book to a T.

So, the crazy weekend is over and I'm back to my normal routine of a life. NYC is great in small doses but to come back to my cozy apartment, my children and my work was what I looked forward to. I can relax a bit and enjoy the holidays in my twinkle lit living room with a roaring fire and a cup of cocoa.

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  1. I'm leaving a post to be entered in the contest! I've had you shop as a favorite for over a year! Keep up the wonderful work.