Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Settling in

It's been about a month since we moved into our lake house. We are settling in nicely and just waiting for Spring to come to central New York. It's trying and at least the snow is finally gone! Rain has taken it's place and turning everything green. Just a few degrees warmer and we'll be able to dip our toes in!

I'm gearing up for MayDay Underground this weekend in Rochester. This is one of my favorite shows. I see some of my favorite people and their beautiful work. Next month, I'll be heading to New York City for the BUST magazine Spring Craftacular. Very excited for that show and to spend some time in the city.

300 solid perfume samples for the BUST goody bags!

Still on the blending shelf: a manly soap, inspired by The Old Man & The Sea by Ernest Hemingway - musk and ocean scents made into a spa salt bar. Having trouble with this one as I find many of the ocean fragrance oils are too floral and that is definitely not what I'm going for with this blend. I'll keep working.

Also working on a Jane Eyre scent, a light floral with jasmine, rose & hyacinth blended with a bit of musk & vanilla. I want to incorporate Mr. Rochester's cigar without it being too smoky so that sits on the shelf for a bit.


  1. Wow I am so excited for the jane eyre scent! :D

  2. It's all blended and ready to go! Hopefully, I'll get to it next week. Still need a name for it though! Any suggestions?