Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bust & Tattoos & Mountains, oh my!

The line formed down and around the block! Goody bags to the first 300 shoppers was enticing!

The Bust Spring Craftacular was fantastic! Met some existing customers (I LOVE to put a face to a name!), made some new friends and had an overall amazing experience. I loved the venue, the art, the food, the people.

Our hotel was near ground zero and so was this sign. It was four times as long as this pic. Eye opening.

If you squint, you can see the Statue of Liberty :-)

Those that signed up for the Latherati newsletter at the show were entered in a drawing for a gift from Latherati...a signed copy of Samantha Hunter's new romance novel, Mine Until Morning, along with a bar of soap and solid perfume inspired by the book. Kasey was the winner! Congrats Kasey :-) I've notified her and she'll be getting her Latherati package soon. I hope she loves it. I have a couple more bars left and a number of signed books so I'll be coming up with ideas for giveaways soon.

My latest tattoo..."Find your strength". It was the right time recently for me to get a new tattoo and this was exactly the phrase I needed. I feel that when you have a struggle in your life, whether it be about love, friends, family, work, etc., you need to dig down deep and find a strength you didn't know you had to get through it. The human spirit is incredibly resilient and I'm learning that finding that strength is empowering and you come out a stronger person for it. Hope it inspires you to get through whatever challenge you may be facing.

Black Bear Mountain, Adirondacks

Climbing mountains helps too ;-) Here's the view from the top of Black Bear Mountain in the Adirondacks. Breathtaking views, a few rocks to scale and a gratification like no other.

Just noted: Nothing too work-related in this post. But I have news I'll share soon!


  1. Where was the show in NYC? SoHo ? GREAT tattoo....I need to remind myself of that when it seems life is against us...

  2. The show was on Mercer Street. Soho? I was told. I don't know my way around NY at all! Hoping to do the next Bust show too! They rock. :-)