Monday, July 18, 2011

The Epitome of Summer...and soap too :-)

Long awaited supplies have arrived and the soap making has recommenced! A batch a day for the next eight days. Gloom was made yesterday and will be available in the Latherati shop soon. Alter Ego, Blossom, The Cobb, Curiouser, Fanciful, Sinister and Tara are next. Also, La Mar, inspired by The Old Man & the Sea, is on the agenda to be soaped. I've had many requests for masculine scents and this one should do the trick. I'm thinking this should be an upcoming Challenge! So, stay tuned and be ready to offer up some "masculine" reads.

On a personal note, this lake house is proving to be one of my saving graces. It has brought more peace to me that I ever thought a place could provide. And for that, I am grateful. Here's how we are enjoying it.

dipping of toes in the lake

a roaring fire

watching a full moon rise over the hills

jumping off the water trampoline

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  1. It looks like the perfect summer refuge!

    To show how much I´m enjoying your blog, I´ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger award. Come over to my blog to pick it up.